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Does your company use social media safely?  Are you concerned about how your employees use social media, whether at work or on their personal time?  Without proper protections in place, irresponsible use of social media could lead to significant loss of time and money.  To help businesses and nonprofit organizations manage the risks of improper social media activity, Cades Schutte offers its portfolio of SM Safety services under flat fee arrangements:

SM Safey Checkup

If you have an existing social media policy, a SM Safety Checkup ensures that the policy is optimized to provide the protections you need.  We will review your policy to ensure that it complies with legal requirements and contains the necessary protective measures.  SM Safety Checkup includes a 10% discount toward SM Safety Plan services.

SM Safety Plan

If you need a new social media policy or an update of an existing policy, the SM Safety Plan service is for you.  We will write a new social media policy or revise your current policy to include features that provide you with maximum protection against loss due to improper social media use by employees.

SM Safety Audit

Organizations that are active in the social media space should choose the SM Safety Audit, the most comprehensive risk management service we offer.  A SM Safety Audit includes SM Safety Plan services plus a review of legal risks related to your organization’s social media presence, including compliance with laws regarding:

* advertising and marketing
* gaming and sweepstakes
* intellectual property
* hiring and recruiting
* privacy
* industry-specific regulations

We will also provide recommendations for mitigating the legal risks identified in the audit.

Each SM Safety service is offered at a flat fee.  To request a quote, please fill out the form below.



By receiving and responding to a request for a quotation, Cades Schutte does not thereby agree to provide legal services or form an attorney-client relationship with the entity requesting the quotation.  Our representation of an entity as legal counsel is subject to verification that no conflicts of interest exist to prevent us from representing the entity, and the entity’s execution of an engagement agreement setting forth the terms of our representation.
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